Caracollio (Peaberry)

A coffee called Peaberry

Peaberry coffee bean could easily be called the “lonely twin”. Unlike normal coffee seeds only one out of the two seeds get fertilized in the Peaberry. Therefore the single bean grows round as there is no pressure from the other bean to flatten it. However, the “loneliness” of this bean is not so bad and serves us a great purpose. The symmetry of the bean allows even roasting and a uniform flavour. The Peaberry has a sweet taste which coffee connoisseurs believe is because of the love and effort that goes into the process of obtaining this coffee. As there is no way to tell if the coffee fruit has single or double bean and therefore each Peaberry is hand picked and processed with care. The formation of Peaberry is a rare occurrence and this is clearly demonstrated in its taste, which is a rare pleasure.